Friday, July 19, 2019

Boy, have I alot of catching up to do!

Hey all!  Well, well, well.. I do have alot of catching up to do.  For starters, I've redesigned My official website, and have added My expanded Shamanic Remote Sessions, and I've been moved in the Holy Spirit to add these "mini bible studies"; so, I am and will continue to meditate and pray about how Father God wants Me to lay it out there.  I'd like to hope and believe that when the term "Christian Advisors" or "Christian Psychics", or even "Prophetic Advisors" comes up; that those who do put themselves out there, will at least make it priority to help others really know about Jesus, and His message, The Commission that was spoken out there to go and preach the gospel to the ends of the earth.   The last thing I want to do, is be all puffed up about it and say that I'm the only one who is listed as an advisor of this sort, who makes it known out there about My profession of faith and My calling, is that FIRST AND FOREMOST.    I do honestly hope that those who say that they are Apostles, Ministers and Prophets who are in this realm do that.       

Suffice to say; this is the main reason why I totally revamped My official website.  
I seriously believe that it won't put people off, and if it does, then I've got them to think about it, by the will of God and in His love to know and to really, REALLY have it in their hearts.    As long as I've been around online doing what I do through that way and on other known psychic advisor sites,  I've gotten somewhat used to being made fun of, attacked, told that I cant do that, and that I should change it to "Lightworker" or something vague and with the big spiritual words to attract people and somehow hide the fact that I AM a Disciple of Jesus Christ FIRST.    Furthermore, I am NOT ashamed and NOT afraid to say it and put that out there as a prophetic advisor, and healing Shaman.    In fact, I expect these attacks.   I mean, Jesus foretold it all over the Gospels, He spoke about persecution, even in Your own closest friends circle, Family, and sometimes among those who are in the Body of Christ.   I admit, it does sometimes bum Me out and other times it can get so bad to where I get angry or cry about it.  But like Eph 6:10-18 and 1st Peter 5:6-10 says.  Arm up, pray up and rejoice.  Then, I gather Myself, talk to God about it, and remember that His word and that people have  chance to know Jesus Christ and Gods love for us to find redemption, hope, love that is totally indescribable is pretty basic to reach.  The only way it gets complicated, is how the Human nature and the Human soul naturally goes toward rejecting this very simple truth.     So, anyway, that's where My focus is and My calling is to do what I do in the supernatural way, in this new age, psychic industry and "break the crystal ball" shall we say.    

I shall press on.   

Peace, love and Frosted Flakes

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